Certified Steel Structure Coatings, Corrosion Mitigation and Repair Specialists.

Since 1992 Public Utilities Maintenance has met the unique painting needs of Utility Industries: Electric, Gas, Communication, Water, and Fuel, around the world. Our Management team have over 150 years combined experience working on and managing painting projects on energized (115kV to 1,000kV) electric transmissions towers and poles, hundreds of substation structures, certified steel structure coatings, corrosion mitigation and repair specialists, tower painting, transmission tower painting, pole painting, transmission pole painting, transformer painting and associated equipment. Tens of thousands of structures (90% energized) successfully completed, with an excellent safety record (exceptionally low EMR). In addition to coating and corrosion mitigation, we provide detailed Coatings Inspection & Repair of Steel Towers and Poles, and our sister company, PowerGrid Resources performs inspection and repair of steel and concrete structure footings and foundations.

Coating Services

PUM has successfully extended the service life of thousands of steel transmission towers and poles of voltages ranging from 69kV to 1000kV throughout the world…

Lead Removal

The majority of industrial structures, including electric transmission tower and poles, substations, etc, older than 40 years, were painted with coatings containing…

Specialized Services

We have considerable experience in assisting owners in identifying and prioritizing their protective coating requirements. We provide on-site structure or component…

Quality and Safety

To ensure we adhere to the highest Quality Standards in our industry, we have our company policies and field practices audited, certified/registered annually for the AMPP/SSPC QP1 and QP2 (Preparation, Coating, and Lead Removal) Certifications, as well as for the ISO 9001:2015 and QS1 (Quality Management System and Work practices) certifications.