Lead Removal

The majority of industrial structures, including electric transmission tower and poles, substations, etc, older than 40 years, were painted with coatings containing lead pigments. In the late 1970’s lead was classified as a hazardous material and since then any handling of lead containing coatings requires compliance with a strict group of regulations. These regulations are intended to protect workers, the public and the environment from the hazards associated with lead contamination. PUM has the training, tools and experience to be in full compliance with all applicable regulations as well as the certifications to prove it.

PUM’s business is the surface preparation and coating of complex, elevated structures. Many, if not most, were previously painted with lead containing coatings. This fact results in our unmatched experience in safe, compliant lead overcoating and/or removal from complicated structures. PUM’s Experience Modification Rating (EMR) is exceptionally low. Our ability to design and install lead containment enclosures and systems suitable for the unique configuration of these structures has gained PUM an excellent reputation in the industry. We are SSPC/AMPP-QP2 certified for Hazardous Paint Removal as additional evidence of our exceptional competency in this area. Our crews are trained and experienced in the safe operation of the latest technologies in lead paint removal and will design and implement job-site specific lead compliance plans and procedures. Lead removal projects involve chemical handling and hazardous waste collection and disposal. Public Utilities Maintenance has never received any citations and operates in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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