Coating Services

Transmission Towers & Poles

PUM has successfully extended the service life of thousands of steel transmission towers and poles of voltages ranging from 69kV to 1000kV throughout the world. We have worked for most of the major electric utilities in the US, as well as have successfully performed projects in Asia-Pacific, Canada, Europe, South America, and Oceania. We currently hold several long-term annual service contracts with many large electric companies. Over 90% of the structures (115kV and above) we have worked on were energized during surface preparation and coating. We specialize in removing and/or over-coating existing lead coatings and have proven expertise in working on complex, elevated structures of various configurations. In addition to surface preparation and coating application, our structure enhancement and upgrade capabilities include the performance of on-site fabricated steel plate, cross-arm and structural member replacement as part of our package of corrosion control solutions. We are experienced in providing comprehensive coatings assessments of transmission structures that include condition ratings, upgrade prioritization and project specific coating system recommendations.

Substation Structures & Equipment

Due to the high complexity of structures and equipment located in electric substations, PUM utilizes only the most experienced and highly skilled and trained craftsmen. PUM has successfully assessed, prepared, and coated hundreds of substations structures and components throughout the United States. We offer a wide range of surface preparation techniques selected to comply with project specific requirements. We specialize in the flow-coat coating application method for the cooling / radiator tubes on Transformers assuring 100% coverage, as well as other application methods to safely ensure the longest available coating service life. Let our Management Team discuss how we can minimize your outage time by safely working on and around substation structures and equipment with energized circuits. Utilize our Assessment Services to ascertain the current condition of equipment coatings and provide coating system repair and upgrade solutions. This information will aid in establishing Asset Management Programs with accurate budgeting requirements.

Flow-coating Transformers

The power transformer is a vital and expensive piece of equipment in the substation. Proper asset management of this piece of this critical equipment, especially the cooling components are key to extending life expectancy, as well to maintain efficiency and reliability. We work with our customers to identify and implement the proper preparation and coating of the fin surface. The “Flow Coat” method is the most widely utilized process of insuring 100% coverage (including tubes, stabilizer bars, joints and seams on the backside, etc..) of the radiator tubes. This method may be utilized to chemically clean and prepare the steel surface as well as applying coating materials. Other transformer surfaces will also be addressed using the most appropriate preparation methods and coating application procedures. Our management team will work with you to match the best flow coat equipment with the proper coating material for your equipment’s environment.

Communication Structures

Our personnel have completed various Assessment, Preparation, Upgrade, and Coating projects in the Communication Industry, including aircraft obstruction marking (FAA Standards) and Lead Paint Removal and over-coating. We are experienced in designing and fabricating containment enclosures for any structure configuration to protect the environment and the public from contamination during Lead Paint Removal. Our skilled crews are Certified Tower Climbers and have safely worked on structures of varying heights and with a wide array of Microwave, Antenna, Cellular, and Emergency Communication attachments. Our management understands and coordinates the complexities of diverse ownership or leasing on the structures.Our safety record is excellent (exceptionally low EMR). We are experienced in providing comprehensive coatings assessments of Communication structures that include condition ratings, coating upgrade prioritization and project specific coating system recommendations.